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As we have been producing paper stationery since 1998 – almost a quarter of a century, we would like to tell you about the production process and the various options we provide.

Thanks to the long-term activity in the development of planners and calendars, we have accumulated a lot of experience in turning customers’ ideas into tangible products. We always recommend the best solutions and ensure consistently high quality.

Printing and binding of planners in Jelgavas Tipogrāfija

The entire production cycle is provided under one roof. After the products are printed at Jelgavas Tipogrāfija, the products are further processed in the BALTS workshop and adjusted to the customer’s wishes – we attach paper pockets, emboss logos for example, apply corners etc, which gives the products authenticity and character. 

Thanks to the fact that a large part of the work is done by hand, we will be flexible and adapt to your wishes. The personalization of one copy, which we provide to all buyers of the e-store, has gained special popularity – when purchasing a planner or a notebook, you can specify the desired print and receive the personalized product in just a few days.

The video below shows printing with a foil printer, the biggest advantage of which is the ability to vary and print even on one copy. 

In addition to the personalization of one copy, planners can also be customized for companies – imprint the company’s logo with a cliché, add corners of the desired color or stick a bookmark chosen by the customer.

The video shows debossing with a cliché. The cliché is specially created according to the customer’s wishes and provides the opportunity to print the company logo, the desired image in relief and other design elements. 

Applying corners is a less well-known option, but it is able to protect the product from corner wear and complement the design of the product. 

Product quality and sustainability is very important to us, and we only use materials produced in the European Union and FSC-certified paper, which means that the production of paper does not interfere with the natural functions of the environment.

We will breathe life into your creative spark and turn your idea into a finished product. Contact the project managers or read more about the offered opportunities HERE!


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